Happy Meal Still Smiling After Two Years

Michael ConallyBy Michael Conally
When your food starts to have its own birthday party it's time to question the food you're eating, as one woman has found with her two year old Happy Meal.
A McDonald's Happy Meal is apparently indestructible, as one woman from Colardo has found.

If ever there was proof that fast food is not good for you and may even be a little bit plastic, here it is!

Denver-based blogger Joann Bruso bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal on 3 March 2009 and although left on a shelf in her Colorado office for two years, she returned to find the meal is still in good condition.

“Yes, the Happy Meal is still sitting on my office shelf,” said Ms. Bruso in response to a question Yush asked her by email. “It looks pretty much the same.”

Ms. Bruso, who writes a blog about fussy eaters, bought the McDonald’s meal combo two years ago specifically so that she could study it. She then placed it on my office shelf and left it standing for a year “as a silent witness to our fast food industry,” she wrote.

Blogger Joann Bruso has discovered indestructible food!Even taking into consideration Denver’s arid climate, which slowly pulls moisture from the food; it is still a marvel that the meal combo should have survived over two years.

At the very worse, it should have decomposed, generate a terrible odour and attract ants and mice. At best, it should have deteriorated and start smelling but it did neither of those things. It has not even gone mouldy.

“I occasionally take it down and bring it to a mom’s meeting,” Ms. Bruso explained. “I pass it around, so people can see that a Happy Meal is pretty much indestructible.”

It makes you wonder about the ingredients inside the meal that could have kept it so well preserved and happy after two years.

Maybe that is not a very happy meal at all but a sad one.